Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The soul of my heart is 1 y/o today :)

 *auntie sya and kirana.muahh muahh*
Hey there,
Last year on this day,the cutest baby on earth was born.named kirana batrisyia.a beautiful daughter to Khairul and Nurul Nadia.Who is she?she is the greatest gift I have ever had in my 18 years of life.She is my soul,she kindles up my life,she give me that balmy feeling.Each time I look at her cute face,it beguiles comforts me.And now,she offically one years old.She cries a lot but her smiles calm us.She barely know how to walk but she had take over the entire house with her small little feet.She wants us to carry her all the time and refused to sit in her baby cot but we know that she loves to be pampered like that.She only has two tiny teeth and yet her mouth cannot stop whining.Cute.She screams,whines and cries but we still love her wholeheartedly.
So,auntie sya wishing u a very happy birthday.Hope u will grow up with good health,competent mind,devoted to Allah and become someone who ummi,walid,mummy,daddy,uncle su and me can be proud of.I love u kirana batrisyia :)



Irwan Sumadi said...

happy birthday ehe !!
peluk cium aku utk die :D

Bukan Gadis Comel said...

OK. Baby itu saaaaaaaangaaaaat comel!!! Macam nak kidnap je! geram! Happy bday sayang2 mucuk2. =D

msmoonlightdim said...

irwan:okay2 :).kirana cakap thanks uncle wan.haha

bukan gadis comel:eh jangan kidnap.haha.thanks :)

Irwan Sumadi said...

bkn uncle
abg laaa

msmoonlightdim said...

harapan argh.aku die panggil auntie,da sah2 kau uncle :P

alexa yussida said...

waaaahhhh kawaiiiii...

comel sgt2...masyaAllah..:D

msmoonlightdim said...

arigato gozaimassu.hakhak
All Praises To Allah :)

M. said...

hai kirana batrisya!

i am maryam kirana :)

msmoonlightdim said...

forreal ke mariam kirana?aww~sweetnye name :)