Wednesday, January 29, 2014

May no longer be here

I dont really do much of writing now. So It will be very rare for me to keep any updates here. But you may find me on instagram. So long and bye :)

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Reply 1994 : My humble review

Its been a while since the drama ended. But one thing that I need to say is that,if I ever need to choose the best korean dramas 2013, reply 1994 would be a clear cut answer.

whats so special about the drama? Everything. Every single thing. Okay, I may sound a bit exaggerating but trust me. As a someone that went completely head over heels with Reply 1997, this spin off took me by storm. 

Never in my life would have thought that I would be so much in love with a drama. From the complicated love-line of Na jung, Trash and Chilbong. To the very brusque but cute couple, sam cheon po and yoojin. And those unforgettable dorks, Binggerae and Haitai. They made this drama worked big time. Every potrayal of the characters was done meticulously and beautifully. I even love the parents of Na jung! They are too funny!

Reply 1994 has everything that I search In a good drama. The plot was amazing, every inch of it. I watched it almost 5 times(or more) and I could not find any single flaws.

Remember, this is a drama where it will bring the viewers back to the year of 1994. Some viewers( like me) may never felt what does it like to be in that year and the way koreans went passed that era. But the directors and the writers must have been through a lot of works just to make sure that they did not miss even a single details. The reason I said that is because as I watched and went over episodes by episodes, I felt like, im there. During that moment,  its just like watching from an invisible - bystander's view that are there, right beside na jung when she screamed over her favourite basketball players.

this is a drama that I really recommend for everyone to watch. Maybe, 20 years from now we will be just like the people in the drama. Reminisce over the memories the of our youth and happiness.


Thursday, September 5, 2013


Im 21 years old now.
This is a very sensitive period for me. Its like a transition from being this half-witted girl to a half-witted woman.  The thing that bothers me the most these days is the question “have you found the one yet”

Yes, I do realized that im in that age where some of my friends are getting married, engaged, etc. But, im not one of them. How to answer such question when I don’t even have a boyfriend? I don’t even bother to have one. I just don’t like the feeling of having a string attached to me.

But it drives me crazy when everyone starts to ask the same question. When I did my practical, that’s the most awkward question that I need to face. And they expect more each time I replied the same answer “ takde kak” which they will replied with “eh betul ke takde”. Im not an angel-kind-of-girl, I have my own temper and at one point, I almost burst. Well luckily, I didn’t.  We have this typical mindset in Malaysia in which, every anak dara need to get married and settle down as quickly as possible.

I love to plan for my future. And I think, the most suitable age to get married is when im 27 and above. 30 is like the best number. But when I said that I want to settle down at 30s., everyone acted like im crazy. “eh, tua sangat la” bitch please, don’t get me started.

Allah never sets any limits for a woman to settle down. Why would you want to replace His role? Kahwin bukan sekadar kahwin buta-buta. Kau dengar yang sedap die je, kau tak pikir yang susah. You need to carry this bundle of responsibilities with you when you decide to get married. And kalau I end up jadi andartu pon, if im happy with myself, does it has anything to do with you? Tak bukan?

Stop asking me that question

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


People usually will bother about your life more than theirs. Im tired of that. ‘

“Kenapa kau takde boifren”
“Kenapa kau pakai baju warne ni”
“kenapa” and then again “kenapa”

Can u just step back a moment and think. “Will I hurt anybody by asking such question?” Ask yourself first.