Thursday, September 5, 2013


Im 21 years old now.
This is a very sensitive period for me. Its like a transition from being this half-witted girl to a half-witted woman.  The thing that bothers me the most these days is the question “have you found the one yet”

Yes, I do realized that im in that age where some of my friends are getting married, engaged, etc. But, im not one of them. How to answer such question when I don’t even have a boyfriend? I don’t even bother to have one. I just don’t like the feeling of having a string attached to me.

But it drives me crazy when everyone starts to ask the same question. When I did my practical, that’s the most awkward question that I need to face. And they expect more each time I replied the same answer “ takde kak” which they will replied with “eh betul ke takde”. Im not an angel-kind-of-girl, I have my own temper and at one point, I almost burst. Well luckily, I didn’t.  We have this typical mindset in Malaysia in which, every anak dara need to get married and settle down as quickly as possible.

I love to plan for my future. And I think, the most suitable age to get married is when im 27 and above. 30 is like the best number. But when I said that I want to settle down at 30s., everyone acted like im crazy. “eh, tua sangat la” bitch please, don’t get me started.

Allah never sets any limits for a woman to settle down. Why would you want to replace His role? Kahwin bukan sekadar kahwin buta-buta. Kau dengar yang sedap die je, kau tak pikir yang susah. You need to carry this bundle of responsibilities with you when you decide to get married. And kalau I end up jadi andartu pon, if im happy with myself, does it has anything to do with you? Tak bukan?

Stop asking me that question

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


People usually will bother about your life more than theirs. Im tired of that. ‘

“Kenapa kau takde boifren”
“Kenapa kau pakai baju warne ni”
“kenapa” and then again “kenapa”

Can u just step back a moment and think. “Will I hurt anybody by asking such question?” Ask yourself first. 


Saturday, February 23, 2013

I lied

Aku rasa memang susah nak keep up and continue update blog ni. Even mase cuti pon susah untuk aku post something. Its not like aku busy or something. Terlebih banyak mase ade la. sebab aku macam teraddict dekat bende lain mungkin.

Nak di delete sayang, dibiar lame tak bersentuh jadi usang pulak.

Aku ade banyak bende nak cakap, tapi aku rase macam tak terluah. Aku luah perasaan sekarang macam aku ni blogger popular yang pembaca marah kalau tak hapdet. Padahal, follower ade berapa kerat je tetap fefeeling retis dik non hoi.

Baiklah, memandangkan cuti tinggal lagi seminggu, aku harus buat konklusi untuk semua bende yang telah berlaku dan akan berlaku.

1. Aku dah dapat result sem 3. Puas hati? Semestinye tidak, tapi aku harus angkat tangan doa tanda syukur yang aku berjaya lulus tanpa gagal lagi sekali untuk sem ni. Jangan cakap atau terfikir " hek eleh, lulus je pon. Gaye kau dean list" eh, pernah kau raso ponampar jopun? Its hard to be a law student. If your lecturer is so generous in giving marks, then be happy and grateful for that. For us, to get B+ in one subject is like one of the biggest thing that could happen in our life. To memorize thousands of facts and Acts is one big challenge. Lulus is the new DL for us, i tell ya.

2. I am now in part 4. Geez, that sounds scary. With mooting, plus legal research management and land law 2, those subjects surely gonna be tough to handle throughout this whole semester. Im afraid actually, especially with mooting since i'll be in court presenting my defences in front of a judge. This girl with anxiety disorder cannot handle such pressure. I totally can imagine myself in a worse case scenario. Trembling, stuttering, gasping for air, and doing whatever thing that should not be done in a court.

Owh, before i end this entry, i shall present to you guys, my new addiction


Sunday, January 27, 2013

The End of The long Silence

*i gained weights. so much that i no longer fit my old size* 

Its been months since my last post in this blog. Fuh, the time surely flies so fast. I did not notice just how much had i abandoned this blog. Nothing changes. I am still pretty much the old Nazatul Natasya. Except that i am now a much older woman. *coughs* Wait till this 26 June where im officially 21. I created this blog when i was like 17. A girl who got nothing to do and decided to create a blog. I grew up now, yet to be called a woman, since im like forever 18 at heart. *flips hair* This is so random to be an opening -.-"

I had been busy for the past few months. While trying to survive as a law students, i need to juggle up things as a committee for the Law Society Of UiTM (which i am very proud of) . I handled this big event called "Uitm Mock Trial" and the themed for this year was *drum rolls* ......MUSICAL!. I had this thriving loves and joy towards the team. Howbeit  it drained me emotionally and physically nevertheless, It was a successful event and personally, an impressive achievement of myself. Though i just pretty much a sidekick to the Programme Director (i was the assistant programme director) but i learned so much from him. My confidence boost towards an unimaginary level. i swear. That's how much the event affected me. 

Hmm. What's more? 

Did i tell you guys that im on break right now? yeayyyy! i squabbled and pushed myself off the limits so that i can have a better end result from my past examination. i dont know if it will pay off, but at least i tried my best. Im officially no longer a part 3 students. Im pretty occupied with personal things and studies hence i did not manage to squeeze in some time to update this blog. Since im on holiday now, i'll try my best to update this blog. 

Owh before i forget, i accomplished another dream of mine. I went to the Golden Disk Award 2013 which was held in Sepang. i attended both of the days, 15 and 16 january. it was a real worthy experience. I met INFINITE and BAP. heard the singing live, watched their performance live, couldnt ask for more (insert fangirling mode here) since on day 1 im in the samsung galaxy zone, which was the nearest zone to the stage, i had the chance to see INFINITE up-closed, it's like they were just beside me. (or i did exaggerated a bit ^^) On day 2, im in the rockpit zone, the second nearest. I personally prefer the second day since the view was much clearer but on day 1, i was like just next to the extended stage. who doesnt like such view? 

It depends on my mood whether to upload the pictures but there's a big fat chance that i will. okbye. (another random closing) 

*sungyeol ucapkan selamat tinggal dan selamat membaca untuk anda semua*