Sunday, January 27, 2013

The End of The long Silence

*i gained weights. so much that i no longer fit my old size* 

Its been months since my last post in this blog. Fuh, the time surely flies so fast. I did not notice just how much had i abandoned this blog. Nothing changes. I am still pretty much the old Nazatul Natasya. Except that i am now a much older woman. *coughs* Wait till this 26 June where im officially 21. I created this blog when i was like 17. A girl who got nothing to do and decided to create a blog. I grew up now, yet to be called a woman, since im like forever 18 at heart. *flips hair* This is so random to be an opening -.-"

I had been busy for the past few months. While trying to survive as a law students, i need to juggle up things as a committee for the Law Society Of UiTM (which i am very proud of) . I handled this big event called "Uitm Mock Trial" and the themed for this year was *drum rolls* ......MUSICAL!. I had this thriving loves and joy towards the team. Howbeit  it drained me emotionally and physically nevertheless, It was a successful event and personally, an impressive achievement of myself. Though i just pretty much a sidekick to the Programme Director (i was the assistant programme director) but i learned so much from him. My confidence boost towards an unimaginary level. i swear. That's how much the event affected me. 

Hmm. What's more? 

Did i tell you guys that im on break right now? yeayyyy! i squabbled and pushed myself off the limits so that i can have a better end result from my past examination. i dont know if it will pay off, but at least i tried my best. Im officially no longer a part 3 students. Im pretty occupied with personal things and studies hence i did not manage to squeeze in some time to update this blog. Since im on holiday now, i'll try my best to update this blog. 

Owh before i forget, i accomplished another dream of mine. I went to the Golden Disk Award 2013 which was held in Sepang. i attended both of the days, 15 and 16 january. it was a real worthy experience. I met INFINITE and BAP. heard the singing live, watched their performance live, couldnt ask for more (insert fangirling mode here) since on day 1 im in the samsung galaxy zone, which was the nearest zone to the stage, i had the chance to see INFINITE up-closed, it's like they were just beside me. (or i did exaggerated a bit ^^) On day 2, im in the rockpit zone, the second nearest. I personally prefer the second day since the view was much clearer but on day 1, i was like just next to the extended stage. who doesnt like such view? 

It depends on my mood whether to upload the pictures but there's a big fat chance that i will. okbye. (another random closing) 

*sungyeol ucapkan selamat tinggal dan selamat membaca untuk anda semua*