Monday, February 28, 2011

clouds in the sky

im glad that i still have people surrounds me that still be there through my thick and thin.Maybe thats a life lesson.we need to lose something in order for us to gain something big in the future.My friend once said this,Allah testing me because He knows that i can and i will learn something from it.If that same kind of thing happened to other person maybe the result would be different. I learned my lesson.Be a donkey is no good to nurasyikin mohd,this song is for you.good luck on your examination.i know u can do it.i always knew.
[Clara] Roll~
Roll back the clouds.
Let the sun shine through.
[Dumbfoundead] Dumbfoundead Jay Park (AOM) Clara C
To all the people out there going through some tough times, this one’s for you.
Yo, there’s light at the end of the tunnel I haven’t seen it
Not all of us become rockstars and ballerinas
Even in California, the sun ain’t always beaming
Can’t predict the forecast for all four seasons
We have dark days, can’t make your card payments
Working no whack-ass job, living in Mom’s basement
Some lands never get rain, so there’s starvation
Some only see snow through neighborhood Scarfaces
Not everything is set in stone, the weather changes
It’s like God, and the devil’s trying to entertain us.
Walked through the treacherous storm and overcame it
It’s never been an easy path on the road to greatness
So don’t you give me that boo hoo hoo shit
We movin on to that new new new shit
Look up into the clouds and watch them blow away
Until my problems just go away
[Clara] When the clouds are in the sky
Know that they’re just passing by,
Till the sun shine
If your days are stormy nights,
Dry the raindrops from your eyes,
There’ll be sun shine
[Jay] Yo, everybody works hard for their goals to achieve
But like the ocean and sea,
Man, the motion is free
So nothing ever adds up the way we want it to
I guess my math teacher was just a substitute
Everybody hits some rough patch, turbulences in the sky
Life’s a cow, I made a burger, and I’m serving it with some fries
Gotta make do with the cards we’re dealt
And though it’s hard as hell,
I know that God will help
Cos although I live in Seattle,
It’s not always gonna rain
There’ll be some sunny days
Coming up this way
Everybody wanted to see me struggling,
Running away from pain
But I know that wondrous things are coming to visit again some day
So no worries, I just stand with the smirk on my face
Although I know some people out there throwing dirt on my name
But it’s all good, (it’s all good) I still show them some love
Cos unlike that girl in the movie, I ain’t holding no grudge
[Clara] When the clouds are in the sky
Know that they’re just passing by,
Till the sun shine
If your days are stormy nights,
Dry the raindrops from your eyes,
There’ll be sun shine
I’ve been a little lost,
But I’m not color blind
I’ll follow that yellow brick road & put my fears behind
I, I, I, I
I, I, I, I
And on that yellow road
I’ll find a wishing well
Cast a line, and in time I’ll know prevail.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

no title would describe this :/

These describe all my heartache and I’m on verge of crying


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bestfriend Part 2 :)

Im running out of ideas right now. Taip ,padam,taip,padam and bende tu je la yg aku ulang. If aku nak tulis something yang aku macam rase ishhh pon still taleh,coz im afraid that my post will hurt heart of innocence people.Big sigh. Maybe,I reminisce the good old times to much.Sampai hantar mesej berjela2 panjangnye dekat ekyn.Sampai post dekat wall 5 makhluk merangkap kawan sekubur aku .Tu sume gara2 rindu yang teramat.Korang,aku rindu :’). To ekyn,aku rase kalu aku jumpe kau skang aku leyh nangis 5 hari 5 malam sebab rindu.tolongla jangan pegi jepun weh.

I miss ur smile.U have the happiest smile in the world.
I miss the time when u plus the other 4 stood up for me when no one else did.
I miss to cuddle with u.Its our own way to comfort each other.
I miss to hear u whine even for the tiniest little things.I should bear with that a little longer :’(
I miss to see u walk into my dorm and brought along ur pillow because ur dorm was too noisy.
I miss lying next to u and chitchatting till 2 in the morning even there’s classes on the next day.
I miss to accompany u to the toilet just to help u washing ur hair.
I miss the time when we supersavers each other till 3 in the morning.we talked about the same thing each time and never get bored of it.
I miss the time when they announced ur name as the straight a’s student and im the first person u hugged.
I miss it when I don’t have to talk much about my probs bcoz u can understand it perfectly.
I miss it when u are the only one who knows how to deal with my insecurity and my flaws.
I miss the time when we will hug each other after school.
I miss ur shoulder.It bear with my tears a lot of time.
I miss to talk about other person with u.(mengumpat pling laju)We know how to make things funny.
I miss ur witty talks.It never gets old.
I miss it when we recited quran together.Its hard to find a good companion to do so.
I miss all ur wise talk.we know how to exhort each other but failed epicly when it comes to solve our own problems.
I miss this the most.We have the strongest bond among the 6 of us.In other words,we complete each other.
Enough for now.i might burst into tears if I keep writing.U know all ur good sides,and trust me ,not once I've ever found any flaws in u and I never intended to do so.its been 3 years and this will the 4th years we have known each other.still, u still the best ever friend I’ve ever the one who lucky to have good ekyn,and I keep remind u this,take a very good care of urself.i don’t know what will happen to me if something bad happen to u.u know well about how emotional I can get right?
I miss u :’(


Sunday, February 13, 2011

broga plus the FAM ♥ ♥

Oh yeah.its been a while since my last post.nak buat macam mane.internet kat rumah tu malu malu anjing.asal nak connect je tak bole.kena la redha lagi kan.even da pasang wi-fi pon still,computer tak detect.kang ade aku mintak tuka lappy lagi sekali kang.mau encik nazri sumbat slip gaji die dalam mulut aku.
So on last Wednesday,me with my 8 other friends decided to go hiking at broga hills.yup,BROGA.idea ni memang dah lame terpendam dalam dado maklumlah,spoilt brat macam gua ni jejak tanah pon mak gua dah melenting.inikan pula masuk hutan.mase kat hutan tu la 1st time rase hutan tu macam mane.(aku gune ayat rase tu macam aku gi sane makan tanah die pulak an)abaikan.before we reached there,first we went to kelana jaya to have a super late dinner.sadly,tempat kitorang nak pergi tu tutup.demm.suke buat aku kempunan.redha sekali lagi.out of nowhere nana cadang kitorang pegi ke FAM.sape tatau FAM tu ape sile tampa muke seniri selaju yang mungkin.aku yang tak pernah tengok bola ni pon tau FAM tu ape.before kitorang sampai KJ t upon memang da berselisih dengan team Malaysia punye bus.tapi aku buat2 sombong nih,nana ajak mase dalam kereta jual mahal tanak pergi.then sampai je kat depan FAM tu aku la yang paling jakun tak engat rasenye.Kitorang dapat tangkap gamba dengan KHAIRUL FAHMI faham tak?!KHAIRUL FAHMI.haha.lantak la nak jakun jap,korang bukan ade gamba ngan die an?ngeh3.and kitorang dapat la jugak tangkap gamba dengan few players including AIDIL ZAFUAN.hoyeah.okay,jangan bangkit soal rita.diam sume.haha :D


I shall Skip other parts since it was a real long journey.dengan kitorang bole undur kereta mase tengah lebuh raye lagi.sume2 cekadak tu.okay tanak cerita,nnt panjang.kitorang start panjat broga tu around 5am++ macam tu kot.i vividly remember the exact time since dah la gelap,sesat,dan mengantuk.kau expect aku engat ape?dengan penuh keazaman ,kitorang start hiking.demm.kenape tade manusia yang pesan kat aku yang route die babak berliku dan mencabar kesabaran aku?dengan curam bagai2.(actually ade yang pesan==’)it takes us one hour and half to reach the top.yang top kitorang smpai tu pon bukan exactly the top.mak ai,nak sampai puncak kene redah batu.tadi tu bole tahan la lagi since ade route,ni kau kene gune tali nak jejak smpai atas.alang alang dah sampai wajibulghunnah la teruskan sampai habis an?so aku,mira,razman,ezad,nana,elya dan bakhtiar(kau sesat mane bad smpai masuk trip kelas laen ni?haha) terus jugak smpai puncak.yang laen dah sedia puas hati smpai kat bwah tu.mak ai,view die sumpah cantik.atleast aku ade la story nak bgtau anak cucu aku nnt.yang aku da pernah smpai broga.haha.naik aku bole tahan lagi,nak turun mak ai.kegayatan melanda.sebab broga tu mmg curam tahap tak engat,aku dengan sri amek keputusan slide dari atas smpai bawah.tapayah gi genting.slide je dah mencukupi ==’.memang panas habis bontot aku.dengan berbatu2 la.nasib baik tade sagat smpai kulit.kalu tak lepas brogan tu terus gi plastic surgeon.aku smpai sekarang tak reti nak letak end dekat yeah,bye.

 *Bad,redha je la yang jodoh kau ngan kelas kitorang.haha*


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

i think im in love.

Click this channel up here people.its anwar hadi phenomena right now.woot woot

Okay aku dah act macam completely freakin retard dah sebab cik abang sorang ni.At first aku terkelik je video die kat page cik adik manis huda nabila(kau rase tak aku stalk kau?haha) then out of nowhere aku rase macam dah terpikat yang amat.macam mane ni?aku dah jatuh centa di alam maya.cannot help it bro,this guy is awesomely cool.tengah elok dok drolls over mamat ni ngan mira tup tup we found out that he is actually mira’s neighbor.pfft.sumpah aku tipu kalu aku cakap aku tak jeles walau sebesar hama.aku rase tahap jeles aku dah seteruk virus.damm.apahal jiran die skang?jap jap jap.buat anda yang konpius,mira ni duduk merata.kejap kat wangsa,kejap kat harvard.ehem ehem Harvard tu takat kat kedah je ye.bukan dok ceruk oversea sane.regarding macam mane kitorang found out yang die tu jiran mira macam ni ceritanye.tengah dok kitorang meroyan hu ha hi hu depan laptop tu,tetibe at the end of the vid macam ade comments from his fellow friend.

then the last guy in that vid is actually mira’s u tell me how lucky she is.if I could strangle her to death I will definitely do so*evil smirks*.want to know the real deal?our friend,aizat reko,is anwar hadi’s cousin.and macam rase nak mencarut lagi bile si reko ni memang baik dengan mira.weh,bak kate mira la,dulu mase kecik kecik die selalu je tayang muke die kat anwar hadi tu.kecik kecik mira tu adela dalam form 2 nak masuk form 3 macam tu.cukup kecik tak?tu zaman zaman jerawat baru nak naik kat muke.nampak tak mira sebenarnye lagi gatal dari aku?so bile aku found out die ni jiran mira,terus rase nak buat baik sepanjang hayat dengan mira.weh mane tau terbukak hati minah ni pas anwar tu kat aku.tapi aku rase kemungkinan nak dapat anwar ni sangat tipis.mira dah cop awal2.siap nak merisik kabar dekat sepupu die weh.kau Nampak tak aku gune ayat merisik sekarang.kang silap hari bulan terus bunyi kompang jadi music background.mira,kau kawen ngan die sumpah aku tak pegi dowh.

The coolest thing about anwar hadi ni is that die sangat bijak susun ayat.i mean come on people,sape yang outspoken but at the same time has their own sense of humor in expressing their thoughts?i know anwar hadi is one of the few.the way he speaks,his face expressions,the way he edits his vids can make u go lmao but yet u gain something.and I know that some of people out there will say bad things bout him but hey who cares?haters gonna hate no points of arguing with narrow minded i know how to improve my english.thru him.his english is not that hard to understand so yeah,wajib stalk video die masuk dalam to-do-list:

1.wajib tatap video anwar before tido.WAJIB.

okay aku serius gatal.haha

Oh nak selit jap kat sini.remember my old post regarding the role play?gladly,we did well.thank god nana has the talent to edit those video and I think our group had done very good job in playing our roles.syabas guys :).btw,sepatutnye aku post semalam.sebab tenet yang macam haramm nye laju terpakse post hari ni.takpe,akak redha.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011


its been quite a time since our last hangout.i mean with my when we had the chance to do so,we let go ourselves and enjoyed it so much like theres no more tomorrow.we forget about classes,forget about the damm assignments.

pastu bile manusia macam kami ni kalu da dapat keluar macam tak beringat nak buat jahatnye.memang betul let go habis kan.patut ke aku buke pekung di dado dengan cerita kan ape yang kitorang da buat sepanjang due hari kat sini?aku rase patut so meh nak tayang pekung sikit.

hari isnin bersamaan dengan 31.1.11,disebabkan kebosanan melampau dengan kelas yang macam haram je kejap ade kejap tade so kami berempat which is aku,razman,dona and aqilah terus bukak langkah 14 pergi jaya jusco bukit raje.cadangnye nak pergi teman qila tengok haq,kau nampak tak aku boldkan haq tu?dipendekkan cerita.kitorang teman.uish sebut tajuk dah terbakar jantung.korang faham tak kitorang bole maen golek2 dalam wayang tu sebab bosan melampau.jangan tengok.tolongla.dengan cerita tergantung semacam ishhh,aku rase cam nak backhand director die =='.after dah hu ha,har har dekat bukit raje tu then others joined us for dinner.tambah la ahli kongsi terang,kay,wan,mira and izat join sekaki.(nampak tak aku letak name mira ngan wan tu sebelah2?nmpak tak mira?)bile dah makan,perut dah kenyang,tempat makan pulok dekat dengan karaoke,ape lagi.yang karaoke tu la kitorang nampak mmg headbanging habiss la.sampai nak tertanggal urat tekak aku.lagi best bile tetibe macam adegan sem 1 berulang kembali.kan mira kan?kau angguk je la mira ;).punye dok karok sampai tak sedar diri yang da pukul 11(actually sedar) and curfew da hi hi bye bye.owh dalam hati takpe,alang alang buat jahat biar jahat sungguh.dah enak lepak mamak baru la kaki ni rase nak pergi panjat segala pagar yang ade kat uitm tu.ade la dalam kul 12 macam tu.james bond kalah.sumpah macam dalam cerita investigation gile yang siap ade muzik jeng jeng jeng kat belakang tu.tempat kitorang masuk tu harusla rahsia.yang pastinye bile dengar je ade tapak kaki manusia lalu terus sume bukak langkah 14 lari selamatkan diri.naseb baek selamat sumpah kanak kanak sekalian jangan buat.da selamat panjat pagar masuk uitm,pagar mawar tak lepas paling mencabar kot.naseb baik dengan skill sem1 yang masih tebal dalam dade ni,lepas jugak kami berlima wanita wanita ayu ni.padahal dah terselak kain habis sini sane sebab nak panjat pagar yang mak ai tinggi kau.haha.kau nampak tak cerita hari isnin dah panjang ni?kau tak dengar yang selase punye macam mane lagi.
 *nampak tak sape yang sgt menjiwai lagu skang?*
selase 1.2.11.
masih dengan clanz yang same.aku,dona,kay,razman,qila,izat,mira and wan (nampak tak sebelah sebelah lagi mira?) memang dah planned nak gi sunway maen ice wa cakap lu bapak best bile maen dengan kawan kawan.kalu kau kapel lagi best kot.eheh,setan terkeluar dengan berbekalkan plan yang same,kitorang pon gerak la ke sunway.memang vip sampai amek due teksi nak angkut kitorang kan.weh,before naik teksi tu da sedia penuh pancaroba.kitorang menapak okay ke seksyen 2.tape,naseb baek ade jalan shortcut,tade la rase penat mane.sampai je sunway memang ice rink la yang dituju dulu.after solat zuhur terus semua essited serbu ice rink.yang paling tak pakar tu la paling essited sebenarnye,kan wan?haha.owh lupe,kitorang ade addition ahli,anis amira datang skate maklumlah jantung hati intan payung ade sekali,ofkos la nak join kan?*wink*yang nak kagumnye,mira,izat,wan and qila mmg tak pernah skate but still sape tanak try kan?so dorang tried.yang nak kagumnye,mira mmg jejak je ice rink tu terus tahu skate even terpeluk manusia mane ntah mase awal2 masuk.(kau saje je kan sebenarnye?)yang nak kagum sekali lagi jugak,irwan yang dah due jam kitorang ajar skate pon still terkedek kedek lagi smpai sume rase cam nak tepuk kepala.bile dona da fed up nak teman si wan tu,amira razali amik alih.oh,die memang guardian angel yang paling setia ade kat ice rink tu.dah amcam jage baby aku tengok.mengikut je orang tu gi mane2.nasib baik tade sape terimbau kenangan lame tetibe.haha.btw,kay dengan anis amira apahal nak sweet sangat mase kat ice rink tu?pfft.jeles aku yang da sedia tade sape nak ni.tape,enjoy your time pengantin lame.haha.
 *aku dah jeles dah :P* 
 *semua pon buat muke pahal space banyak sangat kat wan ngan mira tu.gaduh ek?*
 *mira,ni show off.bukan shoe off =='*
eh tetibe aku teringat pulak ayat dona mase kat ice rink tu.ade due manusia je paling obvious dalam ice rink tu,yang paling hebat and yang paling loser.yang paling hebat tu is abang skater yang mmg hebat nak mampus sampai jaw aku dropped and the other one tu takpe wan,aku faham.bak kate kau,"ice skating ni bukan bidang aku".tapi kan wan,ice skating pon bukan bidang aku jugak thats all lah untuk hari selase punye celita,aku rase korang mesti tanak pon dengar yang kitorang jalan kaki dari pkns sampai seksyen due.aku paham.korang tanak tau kan? :)
 *there are reasons why i stick with them for so long*