Saturday, March 24, 2012

Painful Goodbye

Hai there best friend,

the time you read this letter, probably you are already in flight to japan, or you already in Japan.  How time passes. It's been 4 years already.  By the fourth year, you are preparing to leave me behind. I'm cool with that. Or maybe I'm not.

You are like the strength to me. A force to keep me standing strong. Tho we rarely see each other, but the bond between us kept me alive for quite a long time. You are the only best friend I have. The only person I could talk to when things fall hard on me. I don’t talk to other people. The reason is simple, you know me better than anyone else. You don’t look down upon me. Never disregard me in any way that may come as an insult to me. Never.  People tend to mock me since im a bit spoiled and can be like a baby sometimes. You are the only person that embraced me when I acted that way. Im thankful enough to have you in my life.

I might be appeared as clingy to someone else but I don’t mind to act that way when in with you. Haritu masa aku bercakap dengan kau kat telefon before kau naik flight, aku rasa kosong sangat. Macam sebahagian besar diri aku hilang. Orang yang aku selalu call suka hati aku dah nak pergi tempat lain. Mak ai, sedih dia lain macam. Padahal kau nak tau? Aku ade kat McD mase tu. Epic moment habis. Belajar elok-elok ekyn. Ingat tuhan. Aku pon nak berubah. Tengok kau jadi matang die macam slap on the face utk aku. Dulu kite jahat same same. Tapi mungkin aku lebih sikit dari kau. Aku pon nak ke jalan yang baik macam kau. biar ade degree dalam tangan kau dan aku.

Ps: padahal bulan lapan kau balik. Sedih aku macam kau tak balik langsung :’D haha 


Monday, March 12, 2012

Virgin Coconut Oil

Sape kat sini yang tanak cantikkan? Rasenye jarang la nak dengar yang orang perempuan dekat dunie ni yang kate its okay not to be pretty. It depends I guess. But for me, we need to take care of our outer appearances rather than merely focusing on our inner zen and whatnot.  I think most of you guys have heard of this product called Virgin Coconut Oil. And I want to promote for you on behalf of my sister’s project. This product contain a wholesome of advantages that surely will give you a good amount of satisfaction.

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