Friday, October 22, 2010

to you.

Last post to someone,im praying that after this he will find the thing he called love and happiness that he searched for.Maybe,its not in her.
‘Have you ever noticed the way she smiles around you? Your presence, it automatically turns the corners of her lips up. Being around you, she knows that she is not alone, she is never alone. She knows that you’re there to listen to her rant, console her when she cries, make her laugh whenever suitable. You emit an aura of comfort. She does not have to be uptight or hold her image, she can just let go and be comfortable around you, comfortable in her own skin, comfortable just the way she is because you remind her that she is amazing, just the way she is. Simply, your presence sometimes is enough.
Have you ever noticed the comfort your voice brought to her? It took her forever to memorize your voice, exactly what it sounded like, because she had to play it over other voices she’s heard and the one she hopefully never hears again. She knows your voice, she hears it teasing her when she misses you, either tenderly saying I love you or mockingly telling her that she just lost the game. She loves your voice. When she hears it, she whips her head around, hoping to see your beautiful face and you’re your comforting touch. Hearing it soothes her, hearing it makes her feel safe, the way your presence does.
Have you ever noticed how she walks around, clutching your hand tightly? But that is not enough, so she walks around, clinging to your arm, because she wants to get as close to you as she possibly can while walking. Everything about you, she loves. The unusual hairiness of your Asian arm, your darker complexion, the familiarity she gets when she holds your hand or strokes your arm. She can tell in an instant, without even looking, it’s your hand. It’s molded into her mind like that.
Have you ever noticed the way she holds onto you, tightly, embraced in a warm hug, because you feel like home to her, because you give her the same warm feeling inside. She doesn’t want to let go of you; no, she just wants to wrap her arms around you, and she wants you to do the same, and she wants to just hold it there for hours on end. She wouldn’t mind just pressing her body against you, nothing sexual, just a moment of intimacy. She wouldn’t mind cuddling under the covers of a bed, just you and her, your warmth permeating through, down to her very core. There’s something about you that makes her feel so warm, so safe, so protected.
Have you ever noticed that she enjoys molesting your face? Her hands cup your chin, stroke your cheek, caress your lips, because the very texture of your face is so distinguishable to her. She knows your face, your skin, she feels it at her fingertips when she misses you. She loves to hold your face because she has the boy that she loves in her hands, the boy that she loves right at her fingertips, the boy that she loves in perfect reach. She just wants to close her eyes and enjoy the moment, enjoy your presence for a while, enjoy you.
Have you ever noticed the passion of her kisses? Right before her lips lock with yours, she’s already anticipating. She’s already anticipating your soft, squishy lips pressed against hers, moving against hers, taking her in. It is when that happens, slowly, sweetly, passionately, she is sucked into this daze where she can’t think straight or see straight. All she knows is that you’re right beside her, you’re connected to her. Sometimes, even the shortest, slowest, most innocent kisses will leave her with her eyelids drooping, looking down, her cheeks round from the shy smile, her lips slyly curled up, all because of you. Because there’s something so special about you that has that effect on her.
Have you ever noticed how she forgets about her worries, forgets about the world, when you’re around her? Sometimes merely through words, you have achieved a daze upon her, making her smile like the idiot she is. Yet other times, just by merely holding her, holding her in silence, true satisfaction is achieved. The way she talks to you, she laughs and smiles and her heart swells, her heart swells when you say sweet things. She believes you. She believes that what you say to her is beyond just words, but it came from inside, and beyond those words is truth. Your effect on her brings her sometimes comprehendible thoughts into a jumble of words, a jumble of words that she cannot release. You leave her speechless, yet you leave her knowing exactly which eloquent or not-so-eloquent words to utter. Sometimes, when she thinks of you, she thinks of nothing else she forgets everything else for the moment, because of her focus. You just have this effect on her.
Have you ever noticed how hard she tries to make you happy when you’re not? To her, your smile radiates beauty, and looking at it makes her melt a little. Knowing that you’re worried or sad or anything but happy, she worries herself, too. She gives what she can—she listens, she can only listen, but sometimes she can speak. She wants you to be happy, because your happiness gives her a sense of relief. She won’t give up until you’re happy, no, she’ll keep on trying. She’ll keep on trying to cheer you up, to put that beautiful smile back on that beautiful face.
Have you ever noticed? Have you ever noticed the way she smiles, holds onto you, touches you, gets you, kisses you, and loves you? Have you? I think you have. And she has noticed, too, the effect that you have on her. She has noticed.’
Credit to tumbrl.
She had a lot of reasons to give up on you,but she still chose to stay.You have many reasons to stay but you choose to give up.i don’t blame u nor that im mad at u.thats ur decision.i respect that :).different people,different ways of viewing things right?hey,u will never be alone.i can promise u that.


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