Sunday, October 17, 2010

hey all :)

Im back to the world of blogging with a whole new self determination.i gonna write what I like without hesitation anymore.sure adamant.its hard to change that.its been a real upside down in my life lately that need me to lay back for a here I am again.My life is pretty much in mess right now since things didn’t  work like I planned them to be.Im done with the time of my own.i come to a conclusion that I shouldn’t fake myself like I used to.yes,I have big mouth.i spit bad words.i speak my mind.i know that kind of attitude is bad but hey,I just being me.whats wrong with that?deal with tired to satisfy other people needs,take care of their feeling coz at the end of the day,they will turn their back on me.If you don’t understand me,then just let it be.keep ur thoughts to urself.i don’t give a damn.I don’t want to live in affectation.yucks,it sicks.only people that are stupid can stand In faking themselves.U want to agonize me?u are so welcome.put me in ail.i don’t really care.I have a bunch of great friends and family that helped me to alleviate the,im stronger than eva :D
I gonna speak baldly,don’t stop me.i don’t give u any permits to do that.
Let’s give it a whole new natasya.eighteen on this year.a pre-law students.i love fashion.I have obsession in clothes and short,im a bad at calculations.great at throwing vulgar words.avid korean dramas’ fan.i doubt myself.i love to cause trouble.i love to drive but sucks in yeah.thats all about me.just follow my journey in here if u want to know me better.


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