Monday, December 6, 2010

Dear bestfriend,

Im trying my best to protect u heart.Im trying my best to keep all the truth inside.One day,when u already have a firm grip of ur heart,i will tell u everything.The EVERYTHING that i hide from u so that i can still see ur smiling face even when there is sorrow in your eyes.And if u asked me why i kept all the troubles and the burdens by myself,the answer is simple.Because u are my best friend.Knowing u,having u by myside when im going thru my upside down in life is the best thing i could ask for,i shall repay you right?So,dont be sorry coz if u feel like that,u gonna make me looks like a pathetic.Im just doin my part.I've never once felt sorry for u because deep inside, u still the old u,atleast in my eyes.Its okay,i've been dealing with u through out ur worse.The only thing i ask is for u to hold on to ur feeling when u at your strongest.I dont expect u to keep ur promises,but at least,do me a favor.Dont be sad for too long coz im afraid that at one point when i dont have the strength to hold on anymore,i might fall apart.Forever,i'll be your crying shoulder.I might throw bad words at you,make u heartache but u know deep inside i feel ten times worse.Smile my dearest friend,i said before right?u smile can light up the whole world.And that smile also captivated a lot of guys.HAHA.Its a new year,i pray that i can find a new hope in u.
dont reminisce the past too much coz u may lose the future as well.

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