Wednesday, January 5, 2011

guys :)

Hey guys,sorry for not updating this blog.Today is maybe the saddest day in my 18 years of life.My muet sucks as i expected.Maybe law is not my destiny and maybe Allah has destined something better for me.As im writing this,im at the lowest point in handling my emotions.Life is like at roller coaster right?And now maybe im at the very downside of my life.I've never been this sad before,to know the fact that im not doing well is like the biggest failure in my life.For me,failure is not acceptable.Im tried real hard to be at this position right in asasi is like the biggest achievement so far but muet's result shatters all the dreams that i had created.Allah has a better plan for me,and i shall follow all the path that He has destined me to be.Yes im in tears.yes,im devastated.When will the sadness heal?even me cannot give the answer.I shall go back to home and discussed it with my parents on should or should not i continue doing law.Sorry,i will not updating this blog until i feel better with myself.Pray for me fellas,im not strong enough. :')

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