Monday, November 7, 2011


"I have no time to deal with your ego cause I can't seem to find a valid and logic reason to do so. Why should I respect a person who can't respect other people? Why should I burden myself to do something that won't give me any benefits? Why should I care? I don't want and I will not. 

             Why stay when there's no longer love in your heart? Stop being such a hypocrite. I met those fcukers more than enough. I don't wanna know and meet another one. My 'burn book' has no pages left for your picture. I ain't a bitch who keeps complaining life or God or others didn't treat me right but when this shit happened, you should prepare yourself for the aftermath. I have rights to do whatever fcuk I want. Who are you to stop me? Look at yourself first! 

           What goes around comes around. That's what we called 'karma'. It will get back to you no matter how hard you try to avoid it. Remember, not everyone is bad but don't assume everybody is an angel either. Even an angel can turn to devil, what more a human. 

             You know what? I had enough. I'm not chicken out running away from problems but if I stay, I might do something worst than anyone could ever imagine."

i found this when i was sorting out all the documents in my lappy. I still cannot recalled where i got this from. reading this and looking back at my life now, i should be grateful and satisfied for everything. EVERY SINGLE THINGS :)


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