Saturday, November 12, 2011


Im dead worried right now. After one whole week of holiday the suddenly the reality hits me. I haven’t study anything yet. i did finished MLS, but surely I cannot remember all the important points that I have revised since its been 3 days after I finished it.

Baru nak sedar diri bile kau dah sedap tidur tak ingat dunie tiap tiap hari. Bile kau dah sedap misuse streamyx kat rumah kau. Bile dah berbundle Korean shows kau download. Baru nak sedar diri. Haila. Aku tetibe rase nak check inbox. Then suddenly I just noticed Aisyah’s message that told me we have a whole bundle of test the next week after holiday which is two days away.

Oh my, how am I going to finish all the acts and section in contract acts? How am I going to understand all the principle in torts and those landmark cases???? And yet, here I am sitting in front of my lappy updating this blog that has been abandoned. Sorry for the lack of updates. I kept myself busy with things I shouldn’t to.

I promise u my readers, I will start updating this blog with useful and readable entry after I clear myself from all the hassle due to the test. Only that way then I can concentrate on creating a much more fun entry . but for now, I need to clean my room first even though a couch potatoes’ room will never look like normal human room.

Regards, natasya 


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