Sunday, October 30, 2011



i still in dazed actually. i successfully went to OBB today. Hell yeah. so happy to shop some good stuffs there and met awesome bloggers. I actually got to see Maria Elena, Adriani, Shea Rasol and many more familliar faces there. But then, too scared to ask for a photo with them. im surely will comeback with more money to shop for more good stuffs there.

clutch: the merci store
jeans:chache chache
top: easy look boutiqe

these were some of the good stuffs that u can get at a very good bargain. cheap price, awesome material. What attracted me the most was there are different corners according to different colors. Like this section was for orange-tangerine like colors whilst some are for pink and purple material. trust me, OBB was so beautiful with its vintage decorations.

these were sold starting from Rm5- 50 something and its very eye-catching. sadly, i need to save up some money for daily use. if not, aku makan pasir je la sepanjang duduk kat sini.
*wahai poket, kenape la kau tanak penuh dengan wang*

and guess what?! the most exciting part of the day! i managed to get a picture with shea rasol, homaigod.She's such a beauty!

i seriously cannot say thank enough to my father and my brother whom came all the way from rawang to fetch me up and sent me to this event since i dont know how to get to sek13 using public transport. and my brother who became my photographer of the day. He actually followed me to the store and accompanied me when im doing my shopping. orang laen bawak pakwe aku bawak adik. SERONOK. haha.

abah khusyuk tengok cerita tamil sebab dah bosan sangat dah tunggu aku habis shopping.

 a treat for him, tutti frutti :) kau sayang aku kan dik? haha

muke puas hati hekhek
natasya. go and lost some weight. NOW!


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