Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I read this status from a friend of mine. “I wish Einstein was never born” I partially agree with her too. I was never a bright student during my school years. When everybody else was praised for their excellent result during exams, never did once for me. Yes, I managed to get 7A’s for my PMR and 6A’s for my SPM but have anyone asked me how well I did in my trial and other exams. I failed most of them. Seriously. I am that student whom experienced how it felt only managed to get 18 out of 100 for addmath.

 To make things even worse, I was in cluster school where the students there are so superbly clever. I never reached for top 10, not even top 50. Im in 100 below. Thus, that’s how my low self esteem came from. How did I manage to get all the A’s when I barely had one during exams? I believe in you get what you worked for. I didn’t strive that hard compare to others who eternalized themselves in books and whatnot. But I did study, at least that’s what I think. I revised some topics that are hard to score. I finished up my exercise books. I attended all the extra classes. I worked hard enough but if you compare me to others, that’s not a bit from their efforts. 

if i am Einstein, i do not have to do any of this.

 *jotting down notes with so many colourful pens*
 *messy handouts that full with sticky notes*

I was not born Einstein, I was born human. but I have friends who are. When they have photographic memory and can capture all the things they learnt in class. I once said to my mom that I strived for my result. Im far from a bright student so I need to work hard in order to reach that level. My mom knows her children better. She knows how much I suffered when I didn’t get the result I wanted. 

But, like I said, we get what we worked for. Example, I immersed myself to much with social life during my 1st year of asasi and only managed to get 3.13. pathetic much when I know I can get better result. So that playful me continue in action even when I entered second sem, but luckily Allah has better plan for me. An event occurred that put me in reality checked. I worked harder compared to I was when im in the 1st sem. I managed to get a better pointer and a better cgpa.much better. I still regret it a bit when most of people in my friends circle got their JPA’s scholarship. Jealous. What to do, past will always stays in past. We need to appreciate the future so that we wont regret anything letter on. I wish Einstein was born as me. I finished my rant for today and maybe a surprising update tomorrow.

*ni bukan muke Einstein, ni muke Seth Tan. get the joke?*


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ayuyuuu :) said...

hey you're clever too dear.

i think the same things too.
not sometimes, but always.

I wish Einstein was never born

yes haha.