Sunday, April 3, 2011

chic pop : street market 7

 *this is a drag queen.kinda =='* 
The chic pop event has ended. Big yeayy! for me because I made to there. Got lost for a while since I’d never been to petaling jaya before and with all the seksyens they have, surely made my spin a yarn for a bit. Oh my, remind me people that if I want to go to such event next time, I must bring a lot of cash and plastic bag. Stupid me to forget that they already mentioned that we need to bring our own plastic bag. I was alone and holding a bunch of clothes in my hand. How shame it could be. Then gladly when I went to this both, the owner kindly provides me a plastic bag. It just a small bag but I stuffed up all the things I have there.
This what I wore on that day,and forgive that i-want-to-slap-you face. It was hot and the cameraman surely does not know how to take picture. Blame the weather and the camera.
jeans: romp
handbag: teetoo
shirt : romp
shoes and belt: brand outlet stores
The event was GREAT. I bought four items and it just cost me about 100 bucks.Cheap isn’t? I managed to get my tapered pants that I’d been craving for about months at really cheap price. Quick tick on my wishlist. I was worried a bit bout the size since I’ve gained a lot of weight but after tried it on, it fits me perfectly. Apart from that, I bought a dress and a t-shirt. Each cost around 15 something. Now I sound like some kind of promoter.
I think that my attire on that was so sloppy and unsightly compared to others. There were so many beautiful hijabis that dressed up so prettily and I seemed like somewhat did not make an effort at all. Maybe I am. I woke up late and a bit rushed so I just grab what easy for me to match with. What more easier that a jean and a shirt? Tadaa. You have me. That’s why I looked so dowdy that day. With the yellow Syria and untidy shawl.  Everyone looked so pretty on that day. It’s like an event where all the fashionista across the country gather along. I surely will doll up with something much neat compared to what I wore that day if there’s an event like this in the future.Sorry bcoz im so lazy to upload pictures during the event because there are pile of it.
My parents have given me their verbal warning to stop for a while and focus on my muet. I need to listen to them this time since I do not want that verbal warning change to a nonstop babble. So, Bye people :]
 *im not swearing okay*



nuraina said...

yeay! went to chic pop too! didnt see though. datang pkl berapa?

msmoonlightdim said...

haha.i read your blog and kinda frust sbb tak jumpe korang.u dtg ngan a'an.kalu tau i buat janji dgn die.i went there alone ;[ i smpai sane around 12 mcm tu.btw,im a big fan of your style!