Monday, April 11, 2011

bittersweet moment :')

I got my result today. All praises to Allah for giving me the chance to improve myself and proven others that I can do it. But I feel slightly bitter today, knowing that some of my classmates didn’t make it kinda make me feel like crying. They are my everything, they are more than just classmates and they are much more meaningful than mere acquaintances. Their presences have lighted up my dark dull life. I’m hoping nothing but the best to happen in their future. Maybe law is not their destiny and maybe law isn’t my either.
The happiness I get from the result didn’t last that long when the reality strikes me back, I have one more obstacles to pass through, my muet. I did poorly during my speaking test. Oh my, I really hate it when I had my nervous attack. I’ll tremble so badly like when wind struck a tree. That’s how bad I trembled during my speaking test. Even the examiners and candidates noticed that. Big sigh on that.
My bestguyfriend told me not to worry and focus on this 16/4. He told me that I can make it. But what if I can’t? I know my limit and I know how well my ability is. A good friend of mine said that she shall meet me at the law fac, but what if I didn’t make the cuts? I.  take seriously a word from her, what Allah has destined me to be is surely the best for me. I take a step back and realized that it’s okay if Im not major in law. There are many others field that I can try on. Science politic sounds good and pengajaran bahasa also not bad. Maybe I can succeed in becoming a teacher. Who knows? :)
Still, I have high hopes in law. Like I said before, I’m far from surrender. And I know im not one of them. I’ll try my best. Hopefully luck is on my side. Do pray for me fellas ,I really need a miracle to happen


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