Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tears that run down for happiness, a smile that’s been carved to hide the sadness.

Finally, after a long dinosaur years jumpe jugak dengan my favorite girlfriends dalam dunie ni. though we missing another 2 creatures since they both busy. kelas kau jah, aku dah macam kawan dengan retis. sungguhpun ekyn tu dah macam selalu jumpe but since this was like a reunion meet up after almost 3 years tak jumpe each other.  and you know women, kalau tak bercamwhore macam tak sah la kan. we got to indulged in snapping good pictures sampai tak sedar yang kedai yang pada mulanya lengang macam kat gurun sahara tetibe dah jadi penuh macam kat pavi. ah gitu. 

this is like the hardest picture yg kitorang try tangkap. yang paling elok pon yang ni ajo. yang laen, hampeh. dah macam suruh orang parkinson ambek gambar.
 sorang simpan satu. the sweetest gift that day. a picture paint thousand of words can? for me, its happiness. 
 and azirah sibuk sorang orang tangkap gamba die sepanjang masa. insinyur ni macam nak tukar profession je gamaknya.

 yes, me looking fat in both below and above pictures. im gaining weight right now. more like a hobby actually. so dont ask me why i look fat, i would answer it with a punch.
 le new spectacles. love it! 

 munchy grunchy. 
they look yummy to me :) too much love for them. kalau aku cakap aku sayang dorang depan2 kang ade sekor-sekor muntah darah depan aku.  

It was a good meet up.  Catching up some old stories, gossiping over girly stuff. It was fun.  I had always known that somehow and somewhat, you can never go wrong when u have some good friends.  This was actually a farewell meet up before ekyn go to japan. Omg, my heart aches again. I held back my tears though it killed  me when I saw azirah already broke down In tears as she said goodbye to ekyn. 4 years wont be long. I tried to convince myself. That’s the only way for me to survive :)


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i.Alyaa said...

love your maxi!stunning.haha..