Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Around a week ago I woke up with 4 missed calls on my hand phone. It was from my best friend, ekyn. I called her back. Excitedly, she told me that she will be going to Japan. I already knew that eventually the time will come. She’s always a bright student. Those kind of students who asking for a smack on their head since they always pass with excellent result even when they told you that they screwed up the exam.

Now she’s gonna further her study. Its her dream. But she will be away from me. Ever since the day I knew her, I always felt like she’s the only person I could lean on. The one whom I feel comfortable shed tears with. The one who could handle my flaws though sometimes it can be overbearing. She sucked up with it. I’m thankful to have her by my side. The thought of her would be away from me, scares the hell out of me. Japan and Malaysia. Though we are called Asian countries, but the distance is seriously a no joke for me. I can call her anytime I want if we in Malaysia but when she reach japan, it will be hard for me to contact her.
Who would I call when I could longer hold the burden in my heart? For the past few years,it would always be her. She the only person who would never complain and listen to my problems. She’s the only person who knew why I acted in certain ways. I will miss her. A lot.

We are an abnormal best friend. We rarely meet each other. Once in a while I would go to UM to meet her, or going out to watch movies and stuff. But that’s very rare. We both knew ourselves better. Typical best friend and us doesn’t match that well. We were always together during high school years.  We did everything a best friend would do. So maybe since we already had everything done hence its okay to stay this way.

The separation would be hard. We only appreciate something when its no longer with us. Maybe this distance will make me appreciate you more. To embrace the warm you gave me for the past 4 years.thanks for being my bestfriend. You know that im a spoilt child kan? So do you. I really hate this mushy talk and whatnot when with you. Haha. But hey, sape tak sedih kalau orang yang die sayang jauh dari die. Abah pergi mekah seminggu pon aku nangis macam orang gile. Apatah lagi kau yang selama ni dengan aku nak pergi bertahun. Ni aku bole tabah lagi. Kalau sungguh kau dah sampai sane, mau aku gile meroyan kat KL. Haha.

Ekyn, kau tau aku sayang kau kan :)


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