Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hey there :D

It's been a while already. Fuh fuh. Dusting off cobwebs.  My holiday is getting to its end. Sad? Probably not. Im a bit excited to go back to shah alam again. And guess what, I'm now  officially a part 2 BLS student. Yayy! Hard work sure paid off. Finally the result for my 1st sem is out. Minutes before the official result slip from uitm gets into my email, my heart was jumping like crazy. Nay, probably the were group of musician playing their beats in my heart to be exact. I thought there’s something wrong with my heart, a broken valve and all. Thank Allah I'm still alive though I hardly breathing the second after I clicked to open my mail. It was nerve wrecking.  This probably the 2nd time for me to be so scared of getting my own result.  The first one was during my 1st muet. I survived this time. No wince and whine. 

What people need to know is that, law is not as easy as u think. Don’t mock us just because we fail one or two law subjects. You don’t know how hard it is just to understand and answer the whole jizz of a law paper. I slept for only about 2-3 hours during the exam week. And there were times when I'm not getting even a wink of sleep. Some of my comrades already redha and pasrah.  My concentration was distracted once a while. The bad aura spread like virus. Its hard to maintain my focus during those hard times. I thought I would fail my papers. I did so badly during Law of Tort and Contract. I even left a question unanswered for each respective papers. Which cost me to lose my 20 marks for each paper.  Gladly, I survived. Its beyond my imagination to even get B on those papers but maybe Allah had given me second chance to do better in my next examination.

Oh btw, to a few people out there,

Do not judge us for being swank and conceited. This is a matter of perspective.  Not all law students acted that way. Am I getting too emotional about this? Forgive me If I am. On, and this post is completely in English because of one reason. My English is deteriorating since I have no one to talk to during my two months of holiday. And im pretty much sure that you will find many grammar mistakes in this post.

So yeah, this is all I can share with you. And I promise to keep updating you with a much more fun story in my next post.


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