Sunday, January 1, 2012

MY 2012

Happy new year guys!

I really want to update this blog but due to the lack of time and lack of ideas on what to write, i just left it un-updated. So hows your new year? Mine was boring as it should be. last year I celebrated it with my fellow friends at hostel while enjoying a cup of maggi, and this year I celebrated it at home, with all the books and notes. BORING.

I read other bloggers blogged about their new year’s resolution and whatnot. But I don’t have any of that, since I knew if I had such resolutions, they are never going to work. I want to enjoy 2012 as it is. Im in my 20’s now. Should I be happy for that? Orang cakap dah boleh kahwin dah, tapi kalau nak kahwin kene ade calon. Masalahnye sekarang, bukan takat takde calon, orang yang nak kat aku pon tade. Okay down, tayah kahwin la macam ni. jap, sekarang aku dah lari topic.

Kalau ade resolution pon maybe aku nak pass every semester with 3.00. at least. I don’t want to repeat any semester just because I don’t do well in exams. I hate failure and im afraid of it. I need to clear my thoughts. Right now, its like a whole clutter inside this big brain of mine. Exams, family, love life (as if I have one ==’) and everything. Nak result elok kene ade otak yang elok. Supaya bile aku jawab exams nanti otak aku tak merawang pergi tempat laen. Sesunggguhnye otak dan fikiran aku tak bole duduk diam. Nampak abang hensem ala ala mantap sikit mata dah ke laen. Nampak lecturer yang ala ala hot macam aaron aziz dah bayang nak buat calon. Okay kau over tasya.

Oh tambah satu lagi la macam ni. aku nak kahwin. Bole? Haha.


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