Sunday, September 4, 2011

this is my raya :)

Finally, im home. There’s no sigh of relief actually since this raya is not really that happening. Many things happened during this eid-ul fitri. Maybe this is part of Allah’s test for us. The first day of raya was great. We had fun throughout the day. Went to perform sembahyang raya same same. Put on make-up together. Checking each other raya outfit. Snapping some pictures. Salam bersalaman, maaf bermaafan. All the neighbours I bet can hear our laughter because it was too loud. It all went well, only during the first day of raya.

 The next day, the bad event strikes. One by one of my family from my father’s side was attacked by food poisoning. I collapsed because of that. So did my mother and my brother. Can u imagine how hurt your stomach must felt after you vomited non stop throughout the night? Oh my, I swear I don’t want to undergo the same thing twice. Most of my cousins were suffered from the same syndromes as mine. But the worse thing was when it attacked my grandmother. She was rushed to the hospital by an ambulance and admitted to icu. I just couldn’t imagine my life without her. When I first got the phone call my heart felt like it was going to collapse. Luckily it didn’t. the virus attacked the whole family.

Thank to Allah that we all slowly recovered from the illness. I was told that my grandma will be out from ward soon enough. Just hope and pray that the next raya this same thing wont happen again. It sucks to fall sick when everyone else is enjoying their mood of raya. Raya should be celebrated, not be mourned. That’s my part of raya, So hows yours peeps?


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