Thursday, September 5, 2013


Im 21 years old now.
This is a very sensitive period for me. Its like a transition from being this half-witted girl to a half-witted woman.  The thing that bothers me the most these days is the question “have you found the one yet”

Yes, I do realized that im in that age where some of my friends are getting married, engaged, etc. But, im not one of them. How to answer such question when I don’t even have a boyfriend? I don’t even bother to have one. I just don’t like the feeling of having a string attached to me.

But it drives me crazy when everyone starts to ask the same question. When I did my practical, that’s the most awkward question that I need to face. And they expect more each time I replied the same answer “ takde kak” which they will replied with “eh betul ke takde”. Im not an angel-kind-of-girl, I have my own temper and at one point, I almost burst. Well luckily, I didn’t.  We have this typical mindset in Malaysia in which, every anak dara need to get married and settle down as quickly as possible.

I love to plan for my future. And I think, the most suitable age to get married is when im 27 and above. 30 is like the best number. But when I said that I want to settle down at 30s., everyone acted like im crazy. “eh, tua sangat la” bitch please, don’t get me started.

Allah never sets any limits for a woman to settle down. Why would you want to replace His role? Kahwin bukan sekadar kahwin buta-buta. Kau dengar yang sedap die je, kau tak pikir yang susah. You need to carry this bundle of responsibilities with you when you decide to get married. And kalau I end up jadi andartu pon, if im happy with myself, does it has anything to do with you? Tak bukan?

Stop asking me that question

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