Friday, May 20, 2011

aku update akhirnye :)

Hey there guys :
Its been quite a while since my last update isn’t? sorry for being MIA. I was busy with works and all witch-hunt and whatnot. Nothing much happened since my last update except that I just started working as a cashier at guardian mid valley and im going to quit being a cashier soon enough. Lets just simplify this,I hve worked for nearly a month and I want to quit because of internal issues. Calculation and me is not a good pairing. But hey, work has kept me busy for quite a time. Big thanks to that. And today,I met my two lovely bestie, tim and ekyn. And I miss the other three so much. Nisa,taro and zira. Lets find a time soon to meet up weh,aku dah sangap nak mampus ni jumpe korang. Bile jumpe ekyn dengan tim tadi rase macam tade ape ape pon yang berubah. Tim still dengan kuih sampan die. Ekyn still dengan setia single die. Big time,hands down
And tadi kitorang tengok nur kasih. Tu cerita feveret kitorang tuh mase kat hostel dolu-dolu. Berebut nak cari adam masing masing. Camno ni weh? Tim ngan nisa dah jumpe,asal kite 4 ni dari dulu tak laku laku nih?? Haha.
Ni quick update je tau. Macam dah kempunan  nak mam update belog so update jugak la walaupun tade isi. Aku rindu belog ni :')
Btw just nak bagitau,aku dah tade fb. Tade tu means takkan ade dah.bukan this is temporary and I’ll be back. For some odd reason, I just had to do that. I’ve promised.
To those who ask whether im okay or not,I just have one answer for that. I feel like crap but im dealing with that step by step.


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zEri sAfEerA said...

wah. dah tgok nur kasih. jles2. hee ^^