Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bestfriend Part 2 :)

Im running out of ideas right now. Taip ,padam,taip,padam and bende tu je la yg aku ulang. If aku nak tulis something yang aku macam rase ishhh pon still taleh,coz im afraid that my post will hurt heart of innocence people.Big sigh. Maybe,I reminisce the good old times to much.Sampai hantar mesej berjela2 panjangnye dekat ekyn.Sampai post dekat wall 5 makhluk merangkap kawan sekubur aku .Tu sume gara2 rindu yang teramat.Korang,aku rindu :’). To ekyn,aku rase kalu aku jumpe kau skang aku leyh nangis 5 hari 5 malam sebab rindu.tolongla jangan pegi jepun weh.

I miss ur smile.U have the happiest smile in the world.
I miss the time when u plus the other 4 stood up for me when no one else did.
I miss to cuddle with u.Its our own way to comfort each other.
I miss to hear u whine even for the tiniest little things.I should bear with that a little longer :’(
I miss to see u walk into my dorm and brought along ur pillow because ur dorm was too noisy.
I miss lying next to u and chitchatting till 2 in the morning even there’s classes on the next day.
I miss to accompany u to the toilet just to help u washing ur hair.
I miss the time when we supersavers each other till 3 in the morning.we talked about the same thing each time and never get bored of it.
I miss the time when they announced ur name as the straight a’s student and im the first person u hugged.
I miss it when I don’t have to talk much about my probs bcoz u can understand it perfectly.
I miss it when u are the only one who knows how to deal with my insecurity and my flaws.
I miss the time when we will hug each other after school.
I miss ur shoulder.It bear with my tears a lot of time.
I miss to talk about other person with u.(mengumpat pling laju)We know how to make things funny.
I miss ur witty talks.It never gets old.
I miss it when we recited quran together.Its hard to find a good companion to do so.
I miss all ur wise talk.we know how to exhort each other but failed epicly when it comes to solve our own problems.
I miss this the most.We have the strongest bond among the 6 of us.In other words,we complete each other.
Enough for now.i might burst into tears if I keep writing.U know all ur good sides,and trust me ,not once I've ever found any flaws in u and I never intended to do so.its been 3 years and this will the 4th years we have known each other.still, u still the best ever friend I’ve ever the one who lucky to have good ekyn,and I keep remind u this,take a very good care of urself.i don’t know what will happen to me if something bad happen to u.u know well about how emotional I can get right?
I miss u :’(


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