Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Me as a blogger

I feel like suddenly I was recharged to write a piece again. Eventhough I know that I posted a teaser before. I initially want to post something related to my vacation in Singapore but later decided that the post need to be halted for a while since the wi-fi line here is not that great and I want to upload a mass pictures when we were there. That’s why I post this to you since I’ll be quite busy starting from next week since final is nearing and I want to concentrate on that.

i love the world of blogging. This place is like my sweet escape each time my heart feels stuffy. or when I really need somebody to hear my story. I wrote everything in here. My experience, My love story(tho you hardly find it), everything as long as I find it appropriate to publish on. Im that kind of blogger that treating this blog as a diary. Not assuming that I am hanis zalikha, but to be honest, I really love to ready normal human’s daily life. I feel like im in the process of knowing them. I love meeting new people. Reading their blog is like one way for me of meeting others, virtually.

I improved my English here. I you guys Is one of my avid readers then u will realized that I tend to write in English. Not to brag that my English is that good, it just that I love writing more than I love speaking when it comes to English. My anxiety disorder just wouldn’t let me go when I need to stand up front and speak. So I write in my blog. Eventhough I repeat my MUET twice and you still find whole pile of grammar mistakes here, im okay with that since I improving myself that way. Im cool liddat right.

I don’t earn money using my blog.i still have that conservative mind that still holding on the thought that you don’t earn money by selling off your life’s diary. I advertise nothing here. If im the type of blogger that have thousands of followers maybe I will consider in putting nuffnang or churp churp here. But for the time being, im comfortable being a moneyless blogger that her only source of money is ptptn.

And to be honest, I also like to put my pictures here. As a woman, there are times when I found myself looking pretty in pictures that I snapped and I wanted so badly to put in my blog. I don’t advertise my face. Please don’t say that. I don’t even try in becoming a model or whatnot. It just that, I love to do so. I don’t look pretty in real life. This is a honest thought from me. I escaping myself from reality by putting my edited version of the pictures I took and considered them to be not edited. I don’t have the guts to say that I am pretty when I know im not. Sorry if u feel annoyed by me doing that. You can click the ‘x’ button if you want. That’s your freedom of choice.

I will try to update more often for you guys. Much love, manje@tasya.


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wanda said...

chaiy0kk2x sis..moga trus maju ye..:)